Adrenaline Camp is the ultimate camp experience for teenagers in high school. High schoolers know what they like and so we give them the freedom to choose how their week at camp plays out. Whether it is playing a wild game of paintball, cruising down the zip line, or relaxing with some arts and crafts, Michindoh commits to make Adrenaline Camp an unforgettable part of the summer. Mixed into the week, campers will also have plenty of time to bond with friends as they compete in team challenges, camp competitions, and awesome camp-wide games. Our staff are equipped to engage with each teen in their cabin, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey in a way that is both relevant and practical. We don't shy away from the hard questions, but we dive deep into God's word as we explore what it means to truly follow after Jesus.

COST: $289

AGES: 12-14

Adrenaline Camp 1

July 11th-16th


Explorer Schedule

*Example schedule only. Actual camp schedules may differ

Explorer Activities 

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Team Activity: Each day has a unique game or challenge that is designed to bond campers together as a cabin. Not only do these activities provide many laughs and good times, but they also work to help develop practical skills allowing for better teamwork. 

Waterfront: Two hours of free time at our amazing waterfront. Swimming, sliding down the water slide, playing on our inflatable water park, Gaga ball, 9 square, enjoying tasty treats from our snack shack are just a few of the many options campers can enjoy.  Ultimately the choice is yours! 

Chapel: We begin every morning together learning about God and the Bible. Designed specifically for each age group, our chapel sessions are tailored to the interests and needs of our campers. It is our goal to provide content that is not just meaningful but also offers exciting avenues for youth engagement. 

Evening Program: Our evening program is always a little different. From crazy camp-wide games to silly campfires, we do it all. Each night includes a closing chapel that helps wrap the entire day together.

Activity 1 & 2: At Michindoh, we have a lot of adventurous and traditional activities to offer. There is no way to do everything in a single week. For this reason, we allow each camper to choose which activities they want to do. A sample of our many activities can be found below.