Summer 2021


What's happening for Summer 2021? Find out below!

COVID-19 Update:

As we approach Summer 2021, we do so still under the shadow of COVID-19. With Covid-19 comes many difficulties but for us, at Michindoh, it is the unknown of everything that is our biggest struggle. Regulations and information change weekly, sometimes daily and this makes it difficult to plan anything in advance. And yet, we do so under the request that our partners and parents understand our need for flexibility.   

We are prepared to run camp in whatever fashion is safest for those that we serve. In Summer 2020, we practiced social distancing between cabins and focused on screening for sickness before campers arrived at camp. Masks were only required when social distancing was not possible (eating in the Dining Hall for example).  This year, we will continue to screen for sickness, however, we do not yet have the information to know if social distancing between cabins will be beneficial. However, in both avenues, the camp schedule will look similar. To see this schedule, please see information related to each specific camp. 



At Michindoh, we love stories! In our experience most people do. Stories have a way of pulling us into something bigger than ourselves and drawing out the adventurer in all of us. We have always done a theme at Michindoh to celebrate the summer but now we have decided to become more intentional. This summer, we are going to have a new theme specific for each week of camp (except for Explorer Camp which shares two themes). Each theme is designed specifically for the camp's age group. This is something that we are really excited about as it will push us creatively and allow us to make each week a fully unique experience. Information about each theme will be coming soon!

Chapel Coordinator:

We are super excited to announce Pepper is returning this summer as our Chapel Coordinator. Pepper has been with us for many years, as both a Camp Counselor and Guest Service staff and we have always been encouraged by the strength of her relationships with Christ. In years past we have hired speakers to come to Michindoh to speak at our different camps but this year we decided that we wanted to focus more on bringing chapels in-house so that we can better tailor our programming together. Chuck Beckler, long-time friend of Michindoh and founder of True Direction Ministries will still be joining us as our speaker for both Adventure and Adrenaline Camp while also assisting Pepper with other weeks of camp. 


Waldo & Dvds:

In past summers, we have partnered with Waldo as our internet space to upload all our photos from our Summer Camps. We have also sold DVDs as a place to showcase our camp videos. This is something that will remain the same for summer 2021 but we are making a significant change. When you sign up with Waldo or buy a summer Dvd, your children will be placed on a priority list that will be given to our Camp Photographer. Each day the Camp Photographer will focus their attention on those campers on the priority list.