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Summer Adult Positions

Michindoh employs Christ-followers who desire to work together to build God's Kingdom through evangelistic camping programs and servant ministry to both youth and adults.  Grow in your walk with the Lord as you bless those you serve.

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Serve with an organization making an eternal impact in the Kingdom of God through ministering to and serving both the faithful and the seeking.


Learn to grow and work in community as you develop relationships and friendships with other like-minded believers that will last a lifetime!


Be encouraged and challenged to grow in your own walk with Christ as you live and work in a Christ-centered community.


Michindoh offers more than just a summer job, but our goal is to offer a valuable personal and professional experience to everyone who serves on our staff team.

What Our Staff Are Saying...




"As an employee at Michindoh Conference Center, I was surrounded by a supportive, loving group of people that were at camp to serve God. The whole team at Michindoh was amazing in how they cared for each other and this created a joyful atmosphere that included everyone. The best part of working at Michindoh was how FUN the team made the whole summer. By the time summer was over, Michindoh felt like home and I am so grateful for the opportunity and the many friends I made while I was there." 

  • Who are SWAT and Program Staff?
    Michindoh summer staff are divided into two primary work forces. SWAT (Support, Waterfront, and Activities Team) staff primarily support Michindoh’s conference center and guest groups. SWAT positions include activities facilitators, the service team, lifeguards, and hourly support staff. Program staff primarily supports Michindoh’s evangelistic summer camp. Program positions include counselors, core staff, and site directors.
  • When do I arrive and leave for the the summer?
    Arrival dates and times may vary based on position. Summer staff may move in as early as May 5th provided arrangements are made in advance. SWAT positions begin training and orientation on May 13th at 3:00 pm and most summer staff leave around September 2nd. For those who are unable to make the May 13th start date, feel free to let us know during your interview that we may need to adjust your arrival date. Opportunities are available to work as late as September 15th, pending approval from administration. Program staff training and orientation begins on June 9th at 3:00 pm and the summer camp season runs through July 28th. Program staff who wish to work longer during the summer may also apply to work with SWAT before or after the summer camp season.
  • Are meals provided for staff?
    All meals will be provided for summer staff between May 13th and September 15th. Availability of meals before or beyond those dates are subject to the kitchen being open for guests.
  • What are the housing arrangements?
    SWAT staff will live in a dormitory-style room with shared showers and bathrooms. Program staff housing will vary based on position. Counselors will live in one of our large teepees with 10-14 campers. Restrooms and showers are also shared.
  • What amenities are available?
    Wifi and laundry facilities are available to staff free of cost, but staff must provide their own laundry soap. Staff are also welcome to utilize the recreational facilities and the 250 beautiful acres of grounds at Michindoh during their time off.
  • What should I pack for the summer?
    The summer staff packing list can be accessed here. Please be sure to carefully review the dress code for your particular department.
  • Will I get time off?
    Requests for specific days off identified at the time of hiring are guaranteed. We will make every effort to work with later requests, but those are not guaranteed. SWAT staff will have weekly days off. Typically, these days are a consecutive evening, whole day, and morning. There are usually additional nights off within the work week dependent on the guests’ schedules, and the days off will likely change week to week. Program staff will have off mid-late afternoon on Friday through Sunday at 2:00 pm every week.
  • Will I only work one job this summer?
    All SWAT staff will interview for a primary position but may be asked to assist in other departments and jobs based on the daily needs of the camp.


Join the Michindoh family!

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