New to Michindoh?

Michindoh Conference Center specializes in three specific ministries. Built as a Conference Center for Retreats, Michindoh also functions as an Outdoor Education Program for School groups and a Youth Summer Camp.

Michindoh's Summer Camp exists as a program designed to give back and share the many blessings we have received. We are passionate about serving families and providing an experience for children that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We are always asking, how we can serve you better?

In terms of planning our Summer Camp experience, we focus on three values:

1) Centered on CHRIST.

2) Working with parents to create a SAFE physical and emotional environment for their children. 

3) Creating UNIQUE programming supported by our many adventure and traditional activities to provide the best camp experience possible.  

Within our leadership, we have over 100 years of combined Christian Camping experience. This includes degrees in Camping Ministry, Youth Ministry, Biblical Studies and Theology, and Christian Leadership. Our staff have grown up as campers at multiple camps across North America. We take everything we have learned (and continue to learn) and combine it with your feedback to create amazing adventure-filled programs your children are sure to love.

For more information, please read A Letter to New Parents from our Camp Administrator below or call our office at (517) 523-3616. Or read more about Michindoh Camp Programing here.


A Letter to New Parents from Our Camp Administer

Darren Kendall

Darren Kendall

Program Administrator 


          I was only four years old when my parents dropped me off for my first week of summer camp. It’s almost impossible to remember much from those early days, but what I do remember, I remember vividly. Everything felt new: living life in a cabin, unique activities, and energetic people - it almost felt like an entirely different culture. Even much of what I was familiar with felt different: building friendships, eating meals, playing games, the beauty of nature. Of course, as a 4-year-old, I was far too distracted by everything that camp is to analyze any of this in much depth. However, as I returned to camp over and over again through the years, this truth stayed with me. There is just something different about camp that nothing else can replicate. In only a few words, camp combines many things that create within itself an amazing result:  a unique environment that challenges youth to discover who they are, allowing them to wrestle with deep questions as they move forward in growth and maturity all centered on positive experiences. I have spent over 20 years in camp ministry (as a camper, LIT (Leader In Training), and staff member). Over and over again I am able to recognize, not only the positive transformations in my own life, but also in the lives of many others whom I have met there.      


         This truth becomes all the more powerful when talking about Christian camps. I grew up attending church. I love church! For a number of years, I even served as a youth pastor. Like churches, Christian camps work for the ultimate goal of glorifying God and to share the love of Jesus Christ. The difference is that camp simply creates an additional approach that focuses on depth through a week-long process of fun and discipleship. 

         As parents, we all share the goal of prioritizing safety for our children. Long ago, when I worked as a camp counselor, one of the training sessions I attended was called "Meet the Parents".  We sat around a campfire listening to parents talking about their children. Listening to story after story taught us something about what it means to be a parent and the unmeasurable value of their children to them. It is extremely important for counselors to have the perspective of parents to draw from. At Michindoh, this is exactly how we operate. We begin with an understanding of what it means to be a parent and then ask ourselves how we ensure our best in caring for the safety and wellbeing of what is most valuable to you. We want to make sure we go the extra mile in everything so that you can feel comfortable leaving your children with us.

We invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to allow your family to experience a life-changing week at Michindoh. We hope to see you this summer!