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Your support is vital to helping us provide children in our area, many of whom would never experience nature outside of their visit to Michindoh, an opportunity to creatively engage with nature. Campers from diverse backgrounds work together using all their sense to imagine, manipulate and be inspired by the wonders of the natural world.


$20 Fishing Pole for youth in summer camp and Outdoor Education School

$25 Replace a Dining Room Chair

$125 Half a Scholarship to help a Camper in need attend a week of Summer Camp

$250 Scholarship to help a Camper in need attend a week of summer camp.

$5,000  Commercial Playground Equipment for Harmony Springs Western Village Youth


Become a sustaining member of Michindoh. Donors will have the ability to track their gifts and will receive exciting updates from us.

Give a one-time gift to support Michindoh.

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