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At Michindoh, we do more than let you use our space for your needs. We also provide our own programming options that are aimed at serving the needs of our guests. The largest programming we host is our Summer Camp, however, we also host a Winter Family Day, Family Retreat, and a Marriage Retreat every spring. More information below.


Summer Camp

Michindoh's Summer Camp is our biggest program. We offer:
2 sessions of Discovery Camp (Ages 7-9),
4 weeks of Explorer Camp (Ages 9-12),
1 week of Adventure Camp (Ages 12-14),
1 week of Adrenaline Camp (Ages 14-18), 
6 weeks of Day Camp (Ages 5-10).
Want to give your children a summer they will never forget? Click the link below for more information.


Family Retreat

In response to a growing interest in vacation opportunities for Christian families, Michindoh is sponsoring several Family Retreat weeks and weekends. Family Retreats have minimal programming to allow families to determine their own pace and level of activities. A special program or activity will be offered each evening to encourage fellowship and recreation opportunities. Many of Michindoh's recreation options are available to our Family Retreat guests.

Holding Hands

Marriage Retreat

Michindoh's Marriage Retreat is designed for couples to spend time together while experiencing many fun activities and also learning important principles to enhance their marriage.  Whether you are newly married or have been married for 20+ years, this retreat will focus on growing your marriage while also giving you a fun environment to interact with other couples. To learn more click the link below. 

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