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Michindoh Summer Camp

Outdoor Education Camp Registration

Welcome to Michindoh's Outdoor Education Summer Camp Registration Page!

This page has been created specifically for students who attended a Michindoh Outdoor Education (OE) school trip with their class during the 2023-2024 school year.  Here you will find a special discount provided to OE kids for one week of summer camp!  This does not mean that you cannot register for more than one week, but only one week will be discounted.  If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to email or call our Camp Registrar at 517-523-3616.


Outdoor Education Reunion Camp:

​At Michindoh, we want to make a summer camp experience possible for as many children as possible.  We understand that camp can be expensive and may seem out of reach for some families.  That is why we offer an OE Reunion discount to students who attended OE with their class.  This discount is only offered the summer immediately following their OE trip.  The regular price for a 5-night/14-meals session of Explorer Camp is $315, but this offer allows OE kids to attend that same week of camp for only $180. This OE Reunion pricing is available for Explorer camp sessions #1 and #3 (see dates below).


Since the start of the COVID19 pandemic, Michindoh has offered an additional discount for the session of camp that falls over the July 4th holiday.   The discounted price of the Explorer #2 is $240, but the OE Reunion discount drops that down to $150, but this price is only for Explorer #2 


Instructions for receiving the OE Reunion camp discount:

  1. Discounts are only applicable to the students who attended a Michindoh Outdoor Education Camp trip with their school during the school year immediately preceding that summer.  Siblings or friends of these students who did not attend the OE school trip should be billed at full price.

  2. Each OE student is eligible for one session of camp at the OE Reunion rate in their lifetime.  (Other need-based scholarships are available upon request)

  3. In order to get the discounted pricing, you will need to enter a "Coupon Code" when prompted at the end of the registration process.  Coupon codes are specific to the week of camp that you are attending (see dates further down on this web page).  Please use the appropriate code as follow:

    • For Explorer Camps #1 or #3, please use coupon code "OE2024" in order to receive the price of $180.

    • For Explorer Camp #2, please use coupon code "OE2024E2" in order to receive the price of $150.

About Michindoh

Michindoh is a Christian Summer Camp centered on three main values. 

1) Centered on
CHRIST. As a Christian organization, everything we do is built on biblical values. During our summer camp, we teach the core beliefs of Christianity while also respecting different points of view. 

2) Working with parents to create a SAFE physical and emotional environment for their children.  We can promise that safety is one of our top priorities. At Michindoh, we have over 100 years of camping experience and we are continually updating our risk-management procedures in order to better manage camper safety.  

3) Creating
UNIQUE programming supported by our many adventure and traditional activities to provide the best camp experience possible.  Of course, Camp is designed to be fun! Our goal is to provide kids with amazing memories that will last a lifetime and we take this goal seriously. Through creative programming, Michindoh creates once-in-a-lifetime experiences all at an affordable price.   



Recently, in order to make camp registration easier for you, we have moved all our forms to our online registration process. Everything can be completed and signed online. If you have any questions, please call

517-523-3616 or email 

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