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Camp Counselor




June 7 - July 30*


  • $300 per week

  • Housing and meals

Job Description

Counselors minister as the direct contact for campers. We want you to help them have a fun and safe experience that will bring them closer to Jesus. Each week, you will have a cabin of roughly 10-14 campers with a high school Counselor in Training (CIT) to help you supervise. You will be in charge of getting your cabin to the proper places on time. Each day there will be a time when you will lead an activity (crafts, hike, archery, etc.), and you will participate in a big group activity in the afternoons. Throughout the week, you will make time to meet with each camper one-on-one to get to know them better and have a personalized opportunity to present them with the gospel and/or help them grow in their walk with God. You will lead group discussions with your cabin based on the chapel message. The camp week starts Sunday and ends Friday morning, so you have the weekend to rest. Breaks will be about an hour and are incorporated throughout the schedule.

*Counselors may be hired outside of these days from May 13 - September 15 for additional weeks of emplyment if desired.

  • Have a relationship with Jesus

  • Supervise and lead cabins of campers of all ages

  • Care for the camper’s safety, growth, and general well-being

  • Follow the schedule

  • Meet with each camper in your cabin one-on-one each week

  • Lead activities that the camp provides

  • Lead your cabin in discussions about Jesus based on the chapel message

  • Fill out letters for campers each week

  • Understand and follow safety and emergency protocols

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